The Morning Glory

by The Morning Glory

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New York City, 1966. Under the management of mafia associate Salvatore "Sally" Moon, three teenaged girls from Harlem and The Bronx cut a record equally inspired by the rhythms of Phil Spector and the sunshine sound of the burgeoning Laurel Canyon scene. The only known photo shows the trio in headbands, draped in beads, and suited in warm breeze white - sonically juxtaposed by a raw but tight anonymous backing band to provide a combination of Girl Group and Garage with a standout slice of Eastern influenced Psychedelic Pop on the title track. Unfortunately for the group Mr. Moon and one of the girls' boyfriends ended up with an extended prison sentence for heroin trafficking before anything could materialize. All that was left behind of The Morning Glory was a reference acetate housed in a hand drawn sleeve.

Which brings us to the present. I had always heard that my mother in law was in a group in the 60s, but was completely unaware they recorded anything. She had a lot of success in the music business later in life (backing vocalist for Yoko Ono, vocal contractor for Pink Floyd's The Wall, uncountable amount of jingles and productions, her own studio in Hell's Kitchen) and I guess this just seemed like a silly teenage thing from another time. When she passed away and I ended up with this acetate I was legitimately blown away by some of what I heard. So I decided to press up a small run, and it was a bit of a process.

I wanted everyone to have the same experience I had so I tried my best to retain as much of the original artwork, labels, and music as I could for reproduction. Which also brings us to an issue with the opening track - it was the most damaged area of the acetate. I consider this to be a blessing as it would have been a shame on any of the other tunes (in my opinion it's the weakest on the album). Even after the hi-fi digital transfer at Capsule Labs and the minor yet fantastic audio restoration by Samur Khouja at Seahorse Sound there is a grind/hiss on a lot of the revolutions of that particular song. This is just a warning! Everything else should play lovely. I made the conscious decision to keep it on anyway, along with slightly lengthy lead ins from the acetate, false starts, and not adjusting frequencies as the record further neared the center. I might even suggest adding some treble as it plays on, but it's not completely necessary. For a 50 year old lacquer I'm incredibly pleased with the results. There will be no official digital version available and I will most likely not repress the album. I'm just happy to share it with the few people turned on by something of this nature.

Thank you! Enjoy!


released November 14, 2016



The Morning Glory New York, New York


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